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Xian MTGREE materials technology Co.,Ltd is a company specializing in metal corrosion and protection technology research and development and application of high-tech enterprises, the company committed to water heaters, buried steel pipeline, tanks, ships, bridges, steel structures, steel pile Wharf of cathodic protection technology and related product development, production and sales.

       MTGREE main products including: water heater within bile corrosion protective with electronic anode, and constant potential instrument, and magnesium alloy sacrifice anode, and aluminum sacrifice anode, and tube-like/rod-like/banded/mesh MMO titanium anode, and flexible anode, and high silicon cast iron anode, and anti-Thunder anti-waves Chung products (including solid to coupled device, sparks clearance, arrester), corrosion protective field by using of various parameter than electrode (Cu/CuSO4, Ag/AgCl,Zn electrode).

       MTGREE has strong technical strength, corrosion protection of the tank, as well as on buried pipeline corrosion protection technologies and products have accumulated over 15 years of experience in research and development, with a number of independent research and development results. Existing technical team is available to worldwide users professional corrosion protection of the tank support and services: includes Interior quality assessment, design, preservation, evaluation and product failure analysis, turnkey solution. Meanwhile, cooperation with several institutes and universities, focusing on large storage tanks, petroleum/oil/natural gas pipelines, oil well casing, wharves steel piles, ships, such as research and development and application of cathodic protection of steel structure, has accumulated a wealth of experience and can provide complete solutions for corrosion protection of steel structures.


This new website launched, hoping to provide more quality services to customers at home and abroad!

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