Titanium tubing for the first time in Super deep gas wells with high sulfur
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China petrochemical News Network News (Zhou Xiao Hu) on May 18, along with Yuan BA 205-2 completion Packers successfully setting marks tiangang jointly developed jointly by the southwest branch company of titanium tubing in yuanba 205-2 wells completed in the hole for the first time.

The production tubing string well completion tubing instead of the usual nickel alloy tubing of titanium alloy, titanium tubing in ultra deep high sour gas well in the hole for the first time using tubing up smoothly, and a thread leak detection of helium, and there were no leaks. Titanium alloy tubing with a light weight, corrosion resistance and wear resistance superior advantages, early after three years of technological research, repeated trial and a full range of corrosion resistance, mechanical properties, the entire tube and screw the sealing performance evaluation, Yuan BA gas used, meet all performance requirements.

This smooth titanium tubing into wells, is a fresh attempt to branch pipe material, selected for the branch pipe lay a good foundation for reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

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