Safeguard Your Properties From Corrosion.

What is MTGREE?

Since it foundation date, MTGREE has been focusing on  development of cathodic protection technologies, quality products and packaged engineering to protect our customers valuable properties like underground and immersed water/oil/gas pipelines, tanks, structures and so on from corrosion.

Who are MTGREE?

MTGREE was founded by engineers of more than 10 years experience in corrosion protection, we know and are able to realize almost everything needed by our customers: products and technologies, quality and cost, materials and electronics and so on. We distribute products to and technically support our customers all over the world.

What productions MTGREE manufacture and supply?

For hot water heaters customers:

    1.ICCP impressed current cathodic protection systems
    2.Potential controller
    3.MMO coated Titanium Anode
    4.Magnesium alloy anode
    5.Aluminum alloy anode

For underground and immersed water/oil/gas pipelines:   

    1.Auto-regulated transformer rectifier
    2.High silicon cast iron anode
    3.MMO coated titanium anode (MMO=mixed metal oxide)
    4.Magnesium anode, aluminum anode, zinc anode
    5.Reference electrode (Cu/CuSO4, Ag/AgCl, Zn electrode)
    6.IR free test probe (reference electrode with coupon)
    7.Test post

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