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Potential Controller
Potential controller is an automatic protection current supplying unit in this cathodic protection system.

1.For water heaters, impressed current cathodic protection system comprises:

    -- a Potential Controller and

    -- a mixed metal oxidations (MMO) coated titanium electrode to feed protection current to tank wall.

2.The properties of the impressed current cathodic protection system:
    -- precise current control, the protection current is continuously and precisely controlled on base of instant
        measurement of tank potential;

    -- "under-protection" or "over-protection" does not happen, no hydrogen gas is generated;

    -- long lifetime of MMO/Ti electrode, generally more than 10 years;

    -- alarms can be made when the system malfunctions.

3.Selection Guide for Potentiostats for Water Heaters:

   MTGREE potential controller are developed and built to serve under following conditions

   3.1 Protected tanks:

         Series T: for enameled tanks.

         Series A: for stainless steel tanks.

   3.2 Input DC power

         Series 1: input DC 5 V

         Series 1: input DC 12 V

         Series 1: input AC 220 V

   3.3 Max. current output.
        Series P: output DC max.20 mA.

        Series R: output DC max.50 mA.

        Series O: output DC max.200 mA.

  3.4 Selection example

        Potential Controller Model: T 1 P 

        Max output 20 mA

        Input DC 5 V

        Enameled tanks

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